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We have partnered with top-tier entrepreneurs in the Fintech Sector. Check out some of the great companies we have made part of the Capital Strategies CA, strategic partnership affiliates.

Capital Strategies CA

An Innovative Fintech Company.

Investors poured more than $53 billion into fintech startups worldwide in 2019, according to Accenture. With entrepreneurs staging a frontal assault on centuries-old financial institutions, more of the pot than in years past went to digital-first banks and insurtechs. What our strategic partners have in common: they’re private companies with operations or customers in the U.S., and they’re making it easier, faster and cheaper to use financial services.

Capital Strategies Ca

Capital Strategies CA

Transforming financial services through technology.

Capital Strategies CA, will concentrate on the unserved niche of business and individual services: Capital Acquisitions, Wealth Management, Investments, Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Funding, Real Estate Cash Flow, Tax Strategies, Portfolio Diversification within the financial services market. Technology, marketing, consulting, advisory for brands in most verticals. Target Millennials – a specifically tech-savvy and growing client segment. We are accustomed to operating at Silicon Valley speed with extremely demanding customers. We give personal guidance from the very first stage and provide all the resources and expert advice needed to turn visions into disruptive reality.

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