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The explosion of Fintech companies and startups isn’t surprising. As the tech savvy millennial generation has aged, banking became standard, forcing brick & mortar institutions to become tech~enabled. 

DeFi challenges this centralized financial system by disempowering middlemen and gatekeepers, and empowering everyday people via peer-to-peer exchanges.

“DeFi takes the key elements of the work done by banks, exchanges and insurers today—like lending, borrowing and trading—and puts it in the hands of regular people.”

What our strategic partners have in common: they’re private companies with operations or customers in the U.S., and these innovative companies are revolutionizing the digital financial services.

Entire markets ~ from digital loans & mobile stock services to e-commerce payment platforms & digital currency exchanges ~ are rooted in digital financial access.

Capital Strategies Ca

Revolutionizing the Fintech Space.

The FinTech firms behind digital wallets continue to add products that can drive higher customer lifetime value.

Cryptocurrency is one vertical that is proving adept at accelerating top-line revenue growth for companies. 
Importantly for investors, crypto integration among digital wallet companies may result in a less volatile way to capitalize on the potential growth of cryptocurrencies.  

We offer high-yield liquid trading strategies returning in excess of 60% a year. Seaport Arbitrage Opportunity Fund – 14.4 unrealized Sharpe, 29.9 % returns

(45% annualized)  

“Magic Box” – targeting 60% a year on 5+ Sharpe on 100m capacity.

Leveraged arb product – targeting 80% a year on 7+ Sharpe on 200m. 

FinTech’s reputation is that of a disruptor of traditional financial services.As it grows, we believe investors should broaden their view of FinTech. More than just digital payments, the next generation of disruptive FinTech includes services like BNPL, digital wallets, and powerful cloud solutions that can improve the banking experiences.

We have partnered with top-tier entrepreneurs in the Fintech Sector. Check out some of the great companies we have made part of the Capital Strategies CA, strategic partnership affiliates. From disruptive technology to income-generating strategies, we aspire to offer something beyond ordinary.

Transforming financial services through technology.

Capital Strategies CA, will concentrate on the unserved niche of business and individual services: Capital Acquisitions, Wealth Management, Seed investments in new managers and funds, Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Funding, Real Estate Cash Flow, Tax Strategies, Portfolio Diversification within the financial services market. Technology, marketing, consulting, advisory for brands in most verticals. Target Millennials – a specifically tech-savvy and growing client segment. We are accustomed to operating at Silicon Valley speed with extremely demanding customers. We give personal guidance from the very first stage and provide all the resources and expert advice needed to turn visions into disruptive reality.

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